Understanding the Undeniable Popularity of Residential Cedar Fencing

Perhaps you want to upgrade and refresh your home’s exterior property. Cedar fencing makes for an ideal option for several reasons. Consider these cedar fence advantages as you explore your options and revive the look and feel of your home.

Looks & Versatility

Take one look at cedar and you’ll see why so many homeowners desire it. Other than its great appearance, another pro of fencing made of cedar is its versatility. Once you hire a company to install your fence and they’re done with the job, you may consider using cedar for a shed or deck.


You need not worry about cedar fencing warping or splitting like other types of wood. One unique property of cedar is it can shift how much moisture it retains, which comes in handy during the colder months of the year when fences made from other types of wood suffer damage. Despite this property, it’s still a great idea to plant your fence in soil rather than concrete to make the most of its unique drainage properties.


Rather than looking at your new cedar fence, you may enjoy walking along your fence and enjoying the smell of cedar. What gives the wood its unique smell is a compound called “thujaplicins,” which also helps keep wood-loving insects like termites away from your fence.

Different Sizes and Styles

Touching back on cedar’s versatility, the wood comes in a lot of different styles, textures, grains and sizes for you to choose from. For instance, Western Red Cedar’s reddish hue comes in different levels of surface roughness and smoothness and various grades. You may prefer the yellow color of Northern White Cedar. No matter the style or size you choose, your fence is ready for an application of solid or transparent staining. 

Do you think cedar fencing would make a great and welcome addition to your home’s exterior property? Trust a reputable fencing company to help you narrow your options.