Questions to Ask When Looking for a Fencing Company

If you are in need of a fence around your property, don’t blindly hire the first contractor you come across on social media. With any project, you want to hire the best person for the job. Here are some questions you need to ask when looking for a fence builder.

1. Are You Licensed and Insured?

It might seem easier on the wallet to hire a local handyman for your fence project, but you open yourself up to several risks when you do. If someone were to get injured while on the job, you may be responsible for paying the medical care costs and any other damages. A reputable builder will carry both comprehensive insurance and the appropriate license for the operations. You won’t need a building permit, but you may need a survey to know exactly where your property lines are.

2. What Are the Financial Details?

A reputable fence builder will not ask for an upfront deposit. The company should have enough to purchase any required materials and tools, but there should also be a contract set up establishing detailed charges. Always ask for a written quote before signing or agreeing to hire the contractor. The quote is generally an estimate, but disreputable builders will tack on extra charges once you have agreed to the estimate. Every detail should be spelled out and you should ask plenty of questions before signing a contract.

3. What Are the Materials?

Nails and the use of an air gun can save time when building a fence, but a good builder will only use screws that are approved for outdoor use. Screws will stay fastened a lot longer than nails, making your fencing investment one that doesn’t disappoint. A warranty is also something to ask about for both materials and labor.

Make sure you do your homework when hiring a fence builder. Be prepared to ask lots of questions. A good, reputable contractor will be happy to answer them.