Choosing the Right Pool Fence for Your Property


Warm summer weather is the perfect time to lounge by the pool. The cool refreshing water is fun for kids and adults alike. Protect kids, pets and non-swimmers from accidentally falling in by including the right fence with your pool installation. A fence is also a requirement for the state of Ohio. There are several options for fencing to choose from.


Glass Fence

Glass may seem like an odd choice for outdoor fencing, but the look is quite fashionable. While the fence does not allow for much privacy, it keeps out unwanted guests and critters. Additionally, homeowners can see inside the pool area at any given time to ensure the safety of their pets and children. The posts and spigots come in a variety of designs. Glass fences are available to be customized for look with changes in the panels including:

  • Semi-frameless
  • Frameless
  • In-ground panels with steel channel
  • Framed


Metal Fence

Aluminum and steel fences allow for various design options to display your unique style. The metal is also available with a galvanized or powder coated finish. The different fence styles allow for different customization for decoration. The durable metal blocks children and pets from entering the pool area while also providing homeowners with a limited view. Styles of metal fencing include:

  • Double top
  • Flat top
  • Wire-based
  • Loop-tops


Fence Requirements

A fence should either be around the pool or around the property. The gaps in the fence should be narrow enough to block a child or pet from going through. Fence material should be both durable and not climbable. Pool fence height requirements vary across the area. However, most townships do not have a fence material requirement.


You hire a professional to handle your pool installation, but you should also hire one to handle the fence enclosing the pool. A professional understands the regulations and requirements for fencing in your area. Don’t chance your family’s safety or a fine.