Boost Your Home’s Security With a Privacy Fence

If you’re looking for a way to increase your home’s security –without making your house look like a military compound—consider a privacy fence. Here are some of the security benefits you can expect from a privacy fence installation.

Restrict Views and Access

A privacy fence prevents people from seeing into your yard and into your windows, making it much more difficult for a potential criminal to determine whether anyone is home. A tall fence with locked gates significantly limits access to your back doors and windows and reduces the likelihood of a quick getaway.

Create a Secure Enclosure

In addition to keeping unwanted visitors out, a privacy fence also creates a safe, secure place for children and/or pets to enjoy your outside space without wandering too far away from the house or getting too close to busy streets or other dangerous places.

Reduce Entry Points

Beyond the direct benefits of the fence itself, privacy fence installation also enables you to utilize other security measures that would be nearly impossible in an open backyard. For example, a privacy fence reduces access to your yard to one or more gates. Your gates should be equipped with secure, self-locking latches. You can also outfit these gates with alarms, or integrate them into an existing home security system.

Light Up Your Space

A privacy fence also provides a place to install additional lighting in your backyard. Adding lights along the inside or outside of your fence is a great way to light up your outdoor areas and deter break-ins. Many homeowners also opt to install motion-activated lights or security cameras atop fence posts or near gates.

There are many ways to customize a privacy fence to work with your needs and space. A fence installation professional can help you plan the perfect privacy fence to bolster your home’s security and increase your peace of mind.